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Dec 17, 2010


Episode #1 is a discussion with Dr. Michel Tétreault , President & CEO of the St. Boniface General Hospital (in Winnipeg) since February 2005. He is also Associate to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Manitoba and Associate to the CEO (of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority) for French Language Services.


In this podcast, Dr. Tétreault talks about leading lean from the hospital CEO perspective. SBGH is a member of the Healthcare Value Leaders Network. To learn more about the Network, visit


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More about Dr. Tétreault :


Specialized in emergency medicine, Dr. Tétreault has held various positions related to the organization of services including; Chairman of the Task Force on ER organization and of the Expert Group on clinical organization for Quebec’s ministry of Health and Social Services.


As President of Organisation Médicale et Clinique Inc., he has been a consultant in the fields of clinical services organization, situational analysis and quality improvement.


Founding President of the Association des médecins d'urgence du Québec, Dr. Tétreault served as president of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.  His research interests have included cardiac resuscitation, measurement of ER patient complexity and quality in ER.  He is the Past-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Collège Universitaire de St-Boniface.    


Episode Host: Mark Graban